Supreme Court Will Not Rule on MRP Sale Before Feb 18

Submitted Thursday, 14 Feb 2013, 7:28 pm


The New Zealand Maori Council acknowledges the Minutes of the Supreme Court issued this afternoon.

Donna Hall, lawyer for the Council, says the Court advised that the judgment of the Court will not be delivered by 18 February and that the court anticipates being able to deliver judgment by the end of February.

Ms Hall says the New Zealand Maori Council is seeking to preserve the protections of Maori cultural and economic proprietary interests in water, as it has for twenty years.

She trusts that the Crown will not be moved to any precipitous action for the sake of another 10 days or so, and looks forward to the decision in due course.

Donna Hall

To view:   Supreme Court – Memorandum for Appellants 14 Feb 2013

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