Titewhai Harawira Affidavit on the NZMC Review


8284748I have been an active member of the Auckland District Māori Council since 1969.

My personal association with Māori Wardens has been a long one.  My husband was one of the first Māori Warden’s in the Auckland District.  I have myself worked for over 25 years with Wardens both locally and nationally.

Those who were around in 1962 when the Act was passed are starting to diminish in number.  With their passing information of the important to the Act is also passing.  There are however still a few people like me who were there in 1962 and who are still here, and who know the kaupapa.  It is important for it to be heard, and for any decisions on the future of Māori Wardens not to be made without knowing it.

The kaupapa I was taught on the 1962 Act was to see Māori Wardens also in the light of District Māori Councils and the New Zealand Māori Council.  They relate back to each other, containing a ‘template’ for Māori communities designed to secure the tino rangatiratanga of Māori.

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