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Water rights, Te Reo Māori strategy and Māori representation being discussed at Waitangi on 5 February

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Water rights, Te Reo Maori strategy and Maori representation being discussed at Waitangi on 5 February

“New Zealand Maori Council will be discussing our key policy initiatives in an open forum at Waitangi on Thursday 5 February.” says NZMC Co-Chair Maanu Paul. “This is part of our reporting back to te iwi Maori on what Council has achieved in the past year and where we believe we will be heading in the coming year.” says Mr Paul.
“Council has arranged panel discussions on Maori representation, Maori Wardens, our Water policy proposal and our Te Reo Maori policy and are looking forward to sharing our discussions with others at Te Tii on 5 February.”   says Maanu Paul.  “Council will also be participating in the Taurangatira Tent discussions at Te Tii Marae”.

Council policies on water, representation, Te Reo Maori, Maori Wardens and other matters can be found on www.maoricouncil.blog.

Programme Te Iwi Maori Forum Thursday, 5 February 2015
10:00am           Maori representation – Willie Jackson and Taihakurei Durie
11:00am           Maori Wardens – Toro Bidois and Des Ratima
12 noon            Water Policy – Melanie Mark-Shadbolt, Taihakurei Durie and Owen Lloyd
1:00pm            Te Reo Maori Policy – John Hooker, Maanu Paul and Donna Huata

For further information contact: Maanu Paul 027 4984396

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