Māori Wardens

Wardens Administration Committee

IMG_2454The Maori Community Development Act 1962 gave the NZ Māori Council responsibility for Māori Wardens.

Accordingly, to ensure the Act was being adhered to, and the necessity to fulfil its obligations, the Council has set up the Māori Wardens Administration & Warranting Committee (MWAWC) to ensure its lawful and exclusive authority to manage and administer the Wardens.


The Duties of the MWAWC are to:

  • To manage the warranting and re-warranting of all wardens.
  • To attend to all matters requiring national administration including the provision of uniforms, training, resources, and an operating manual covering policies and procedures, strategic plans and such other governance documents as shall be necessary.
  • In association with the Council Executive, to seek dedicated funding for the wardens provided however that those funds shall be administrated through the offices of the Council in a separate Warden’s account.
  • To seek funding for a full time Executive Officer to work at the direction of the MWAWC.
  • To seek funding for a secretary or to utilise the services of the Council secretary.
  • To assist operative District Māori Councils in the administration of the district wardens, to maintain respect for district autonomy while promoting consistency in administration, and to allow for such variations in process as shall be necessary to respect the special character and circumstances of particular districts.
  • To manage the wardens in all districts where the District Councils have become inoperative or to delegate authority to an adjoining district to manage the wardens.
  • To provide communication services with clear processes for the management of complaints and the resolution of disputes.
  • In the exercise of its powers MWAWC shall follow the policies and any specific directions of the Council, and any specific directions of the Council Executive when the Council is not in session.
  • That the Council supports MWAWC in developing a system whereby all warrants in each district will expire on a given day every three years.
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