Māori housing grants

The Social Housing Unit (SHU) is committed to facilitating the provision of social and affordable housing in New Zealand.  Pūtea Māori is focused on increasing the social and economic well‑being of Māori, by reducing housing deprivation and delivering quality housing principally (but not necessarily exclusively) on multiple-owned Māori land.

Pūtea Māori is a capital grant fund of $13.8 million over three years available to Māori providers to increase social and affordable rental housing and to support sustainable communities for Māori, with a preference for housing on multiple-owned Māori land. For more information about eligibility and the Pūtea Māori application process you should refer to the Pūtea Māori Guidelines on the SHU website

The guide is intended to provide information to Māori housing providers on the Pūtea Māori application process and should be read in conjunction with the following documents: the Relationship and Grant Agreement (RGA); the Social Housing Fund Allocation Plan 2012‑2015.

Kāinga Whenua Loans
The Government has moved to broaden the criteria for Kāinga Whenua loans, which will make building on multiply-owned Māori land easier.

As Māori land frequently has many owners, banks and financial organisations can be reluctant to lend, because of the difficulty they face in taking security over land with multiple owners.

The Kāinga Whenua home loan, available through Kiwibank, aims to resolve these difficulties by allowing owners of Māori land to build on their land. Housing New Zealand takes security over the house – but not the land, and insures the loan. A borrower is able to access finance to build, buy or re-locate a home on that land. The loan can alse be used for repairs and maintenance for an existing house on their multiple-owned Māori land.


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