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Media Statement: Māori Council back on track

The High Court formally declared that a meeting arranged by a small group within the New Zealand Māori Council last February was not a lawful Council meeting and that the decisions made at that meeting were void.

This clears any doubts about the 16 April 2016 election which saw the appointment of Sir Edward Taihākurei Durie as sole Council chair, Owen Lloyd of Gisborne as Deputy Chair and a new Executive.

Sir Edward welcomed the Court’s decision.  “It pulls the rug from under those who have sought to take over the Council by unlawful means, and confirms the majority commitment to the constitution, democracy and good governance,” he said.

He added that while there was robust debate within the Council on Māori policy issues it was a healthy debate which did not detract from the Council’s overall unity nor the members’ commitment to promote good policy for Māori people and the country.

Sir Edward Taihakurei Durie
Contact:  021 957797

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