Māori Wardens


On 8 July a Warden’s working group of six appointed by the NZMC Chair met with six Wardens appointed by a Wardens group in association with TPK  to debate the future direction of the Wardens.  The Minister, Shane Taurima, Taihākurei and Owen were also present.

The Minister’s view before the meeting appeared to the Council to be that the Wardens should have their own elected Association by which they would appoint the Wardens and administer themselves.  At the meeting however the Wardens agreed that they should work together under the Act.

Following the meeting Taihākurei wrote to the Minister and those attending to record his understanding of the outcome as follows:

  • The Wardens present wished to work within the terms of the Act.
  • The Wardens’ powers and purposes as set out in the Act should be redefined.
  • The purposes and powers of the Wardens’ collective entity should also be defined.
  • The primary issues for the Warden’s Project are who decides the funding policy and criteria and how do those decisions affect the Council’s (Districts’) statutory responsibility for Wardens’ administration.
  • There should be an agreed warranting process.

At a further meeting of this group, a working party of four was identified to advance the issues before the larger group meets again in November.   The Executive has appointed Daphne Luke to project manage the Wardens’ kaupapa to ensure that progress is maintained.


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