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2018 Triennial Update

The 48 members of the New Zealand Māori Council met in Wellington on 7-8 July 2018. Over half of these members have taken national office for the first time. The Council is comprised of three members from each of the Council’s 16 districts.

Sir Taihākurei Durie, who was re-appointed as Chair for a third, three-year term, said that the new faces were both a challenge and an opportunity going forward, reflecting a national desire for a younger, and committed leadership, and for better and stronger initiatives. To that end the Council will be undergoing reconstruction. Sir Taihākurei was relected unopposed.

The nine-member Executive is similarly dominated by new, and younger faces. In addition to the Chair, the members are Tane Cook (Mataatua), Marama Fox (Takitimu), Raewyn Harrison (Auckland), Henare Mason (Te Arawa), Roimata Minhinnick (South Auckland), Harvey Ruru (Te Tauihu), Ngaio Te Ua (Te Waipounamu) and Matt Tukaki (Auckland).

Reflecting on some past difficulties, the members resolved unanimously that they stand united in seeking the best outcomes for Māori people, and commit to working alongside the many other organisations, seeking this same end.
The Council and its predecessors have operated under statutes from 1900. Its elections occur every three years and are conducted over 4-5 months, from the end of February. This year, 875 persons were elected to positions in the Council’s structure of community Māori Committees, Executives, District Councils and the national body. The Council also manages over 800 Māori Wardens, with over 1000 wardens awaiting warrants.

NZMC members 2018-2021:

Aotea District Māori Council:
– Carol Te Huna
– John Hooker
– Pena Hikuwai
Te Arawa District Māori Council:
– Henare Mason
– Donna Hall
– Anthony Bidios
Tamaki Makaurau District Māori Council:
– Matthew Tukaki
– Raewyn Harrison
– Kereama Nathan
Hauraki District Māori Council:
– Diane Tuari
– Wanda Brljevich
– Dr Linda Chalmers
Maniapoto District Māori Council:
– Kawhia Paul
– Edward Piriwiritua Emery
– Harold Mainapoto
Mataatua District Māori Council:
– Nika Rua
– Wini M Geddes
– Tane Cook
Raukawa District Māori Council:
– Sir Taihakurei Durie
– Wiremu Burrman
– Eljon Fitzgerald
Tairawhiti District Māori Council:
– Owen Lloyd
– Reremoana Houkamau
– Marisa Lant
Tai Tokerau District Māori Council:
– Wiremu Puriri
– Sid Diamond
– Hiku Taylor-Wi Neera
Takitimu District Māori Council:
– Marama Fox
– Wi Derek Huata
– Greg Aranui
Tamaki ki te Tonga District Māori Council:
– George Ngatai
– Hannah Tamaki
– Roimata Minhinnick
Tauranga Moana District Māori Council:
– John Ohia
– Paula Werohia
– Rehua Smallman
Te Tauihu District Māori Council:
– Harvey Ruru
– Linda Martin
– Verna Barrett
Te Wai Pounamu District Māori Council:
– Norm Dewes
– Ngaio Te Ua
– Henare Manawati
Waikato District Māori Council:
– Richard Clark
– Mere Devine
– Grace Hoet
Wellington District Māori Council:
– Dr Gary Raumati Hook
– Joe McLeod
– Tamati Cairns

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