Our Purpose

The general functions of the New Zealand Māori Council are set out in the Maori Community Development Act 1962.This Act conveys the Council’s purpose and gives us the framework in which we operate.

Our Key Messages

  • NZ Māori Council is a statutory body for all Māori established 50 years ago.
  • Since 1962, the Council has led Māori policy development at the national level and community development at a local level.
  • Council has commenced a renewal process to take a more effective role in national policy development.
  • The Council will re-establish representation in those districts who do not have any people validly in office.
  • The Council will work with Iwi Leaders’ and the Iwi Leadership Group.
  • The Council’s functions for all Māori remain as relevant today as they have been over the last 50 years.

Our Strategy

  • Over the next few months, Council will be preparing a strategic plan with a clear statement of direction and a detailed action plan.

Our Communications Goals

  • Timely and comprehensive communication between the Executive and between all District Māori Councils.
  • All Māori and the wider community are informed of the Council’s purpose and current priorities.
  • Two-way communication between key stakeholders and the Council on matters of shared interest.

Our Structure



NZ Māori Districts
The NZ Māori Council is spearheaded by elected representatives from each Māori District around New Zealand.  From within this national body, representatives are elected onto the Executive Team to advance the vision, mission and goals of the NZ Māori Council. Read More…



NZ Māori Council Executive
The NZ Māori Council have 7 executive positions who are the main working group for the NZ Maori Council. These positions are Chair, Deputy Chair and 5 other executive members. Read More…



NZ Māori Wardens Committee
Under the Māori Community Development Act 1962,  the NZ Māori Council has both the statutory authority and responsibility for the NZ Māori Wardens.  In Sept 2012, Council established a Māori Wardens Administration & Warranting Committee to administer all aspects for the Wardens.  Read More…


Land March 75

Our Achievements
There is a long history behind the NZ Māori Council as part of the Māori struggle for autonomy.  Our fight for Māori rights have seen many notches added to our belt of achievements.   Our victories have seen the protection of our Language, our Airways, our Fisheries and our Forests. Read More…